Introduction to Mira Khan & Co.

The Mira Khan & Family established an Organization in 1949, in Peshawar Pakistan. The steady growth and success of Mira Khan & Co., and the position it secured as a leading business house, were mainly due to the family’s over 50 Years of experience, and the trust placed in Mira Khan & co., and associated companies by its customers, employees and principals which today include some of the most renowned names internationally.

Mira Khan & Co Importers/Exporters since 1960’s. The Group actively participates in national growth, and economic and social development, highly motivated teams of the business and services divisions, and subsidiary companies, fulfill customers’ needs in accordance with the short and long term objectives set by them, since its inception the goods and services provided by Mira Khan & Co. to improved productivity in every sector.

We are actively involved as the importers & exporter of wide variety of electro-medical equipment’s, construction of Roads, bridges buildings, Dams, Supplies of Armed Forces Ordinance/Supplies and supplied heavy machinery Rigs/Bulldozers to Directorate of Agriculture (KP,Pak) under the Grant Aid Projects under Japan/USA Grant Aid/USAIDS. We also supply quality furniture and general order supplies.

Our Vision

Success of Mira Khan & Co. has been fluid by the vision of its professional management and dedicated services to our valued customer .sustained growth since 1949 reflects the confidence of our clients they posed on us. We serve our customers regardless of location and size to meet the requirements. Believing in serving customer by keeping close relationship at their convenient is the key of our success.

Our Mission

Since it’s established, Mira Khan & Co., has been building a high quality, high efficiency and energetic professional team. Taking talents as the core company value and innovation as the motivation force, the company strives to construct an equal-opportunity m harmonious and stimulation working environment, Mira Khan & Co., has an impressive list of clients including, Government institutions, Semi Government Organization, Defence Oil & Gas and Power Sector.
The company is working hard to provide quality services. The goals and objectives of Mira Khan & Company are to engage efficiently, responsibly and profitably in the business. Mira Khan & Company seeks a high standard of performance and aims to maintain a long-term position in its respective competitive environments.

Our Aim

The Aim of Mira Khan & Company , is to operate as a central unit of services industry so as to contribute to the country’s ability to support an effective system which will attract institutional and retail level investors from Pakistan and abroad.